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Information Pack


The curriculum we use with the children is based on the creation and facilitation of a positive environment, where children can express their feelings and needs comfortably and confidently.

Small Talk uses the British government recommended curriculum for nursery schools and early years facilities.

Small Talk always has, and always will, offer a play-based curriculum where every child is valued as an individual and allowed to develop at their own pace and according to their own needs.


Small Talk staff are trained to use positive language at all times; to intervene and prevent problems from escalating whenever possible and always to condemn unacceptable behaviour, never the child. This means we avoid the use of negative words (no, don't, naughty, bad).

The approach is "we will sit here together until you feel better" rather than setting the child apart as a punishment. 

Staff are asked to use quiet voices and always to try and give the child a chance to express their feelings of anger or frustration. Sharing and taking turns are hard lessons to learn and we respect and praise the efforts the children make.


Drop-off starts from 8:15am and pick-up is at 1PM or 3PM, depending on your preference.


Nap time is offered, for our younger children from 1 - 2:30PM.

There are optional after-school programs until 3:45 PM for children ages 2.6 and older Sunday to Wednesday.

A 3PM pick-up does not mean that ALL children have to stay till 3PM. We recognise that the hours may be too long for some of the younger children and will work closely with you to ensure we find the best timing for your child. 

This is something each parent can choose as they know what's best for their child.


An application form must be submitted for your child to be put on a Small Talk class list or the waiting list.

Once a child is accepted an email is sent to confirm which class he/she will join.

Once a place is offered, a registration fee is requested - this is a one-off payment that is non-refundable as it guarantees your child's place in Small Talk.

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Information Pack: Information Pack
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