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After having worked in early childhood education for over 30 years, Jo Cassidy brought Small Talk to life in 2004.

Now an honorary Grandma to Small Talkers, Jo (a.k.a. JoJo) retired in 2015 and Rana Nessim, her daugher, has since been running the nursery.

Small Talk strives to provide children of all nationalities with a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which they are nurtured and respected and encouraged to become independent learners in a play-based setting.


Together, with our lovely families, we work in partnership for the well-being of all the children within a school community that welcomes new-comers to Cairo as well as permanent and long-term residents.

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We give space for the children to authentically uncover their own interests and build on their strengths as the foundation for their future learning journeys.

The children are provided with the space, experiences & opportunities to support their curiosity, growth, development & independence.

This is why we involve children in the learning process so we can learn from one another. 

It is a collaborative process, not a one-way stream of information from adult to child.

Invitations to play are created to support child-led learning. The children have access to open-ended materials, hands-on activities; they can explore freely and most importantly get messy and experience the world through their senses!



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Why PLAY-based education?

Play is a vital part of human development and the foundation of learning. Play creates space for children to follow their interests and be fully engaged. Deep play builds the neural pathways in the brain for sustained focus and attention that later serves children in academic learning.


At Small Talk, play is above all else. We provide opportunities for authentic learning experiences where children can learn through hands-on activities that they are interested in.


  • Helps children become self-motivated

  • Gives children the chance to work their own ideas out

  • Gives children the chance to express themselves (their feelings, preferences, etc…)

  • Gives children choices

  • Gives children the space to be a community

  • Education is a happy by-product of play

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