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We believe in the creation and facilitation of a positive environment, where children can express their feelings and needs comfortably and confidently. 

Small Talk’s core ethos is that children learn through play. We strongly believe that play is THE foundation for learning in the early years.

​We use positive language at all times, to intervene and prevent problems from escalating whenever possible and always to condemn unacceptable behaviour, never the child. 

About Us: About Us


We give space for the children to authentically uncover their own interests and build on their strengths as the foundation for their future learning journeys.

The children are provided with the space, experiences & opportunities to support their curiosity, growth, development & independence.

This is why we involve children in the learning process so we can learn from one another. 

It is a collaborative process, not a one-way stream of information from adult to child.

Invitations to play are created to support child-led learning. The children have access to open-ended materials, hands-on activities; they can explore freely and most importantly get messy and experience the world through their senses!



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